Dr. Atıf Akdaş

Graduated from Hacettepe University Medical School in 1969 and completed Urology residency in 1973 at the same university . From 1975 ta 1977 he had worked as an Assistant Prof. in the department of Urology at Hacettepe University .

He spend two years at St .James University Hospital, Leeds, UK asa senior registrar in Urooncology alsa worked in department of Cancer Research in the University of leeds.UK. in 1980 became an Associate Prof. at Hacettepe University and in 1985 he was appointed asa Prof.of urology at Hacettepe University and moved ta İstanbul, Marmara University Medical School and appointed as the dean of the Medical School and served far 9 years (3 terms ). Between 1986-2001 chaired the department of Urology at Marmara University Medical School . His publications are mostly in the  area of urooncology and mainly prostate cancer. He retired in 2012 and at the moment working in a private group (Urotip Diagnostic Center) as well as in a private hospital.