Dr. Badar Mian

Badar M. Mian, MD, FACS specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer. Dr. Mian received his residency training in both Surgery and Urology at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Urology. Dr. Mian completed fellowship training in Urologic Oncology and Cancer Biology at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where he also served as a Clinical Faculty Associate. He primarily uses robotic-assisted surgery for the treatment of prostate, kidney and bladder cancer. Dr. Mian studies and utilizes advanced imaging and diagnostic platforms to improve the diagnostic accuracy for detection of prostate and bladder cancer.

Dr. Mian serves as Professor of Surgery in the Division of Urology at Albany Medical College. He has an active clinical research program evaluating diagnostic and treatment outcomes for prostate and bladder cancer. In addition, he has received funding to conduct basic molecular research to understand the biologic behavior of bladder cancer. Dr. Mian has authored a number of book chapters on prostate and testis cancers and serves as a reviewer for a number of major journals. He has published numerous articles on prostate and bladder cancer in prestigious peer-reviewed publications, and he is a frequent speaker on these subjects at national and international conferences. Dr. Mian currently serves as the President of the Northeastern Section of the American Urological Association, representing Northeastern United States and eastern half of Canada.  He is also a current a member of the Board of Directors, Society of Urologic Oncology, and has served in several leadership positions for these organizations in the past. Dr Mian has organized nearly 20 educational programs as the Scientific Program Director or co-Director. He ahs also served as the Associate or Assistant editors for peer-reviewed journals such as Urologic Oncology and BMC Urology.